Quality Guidelines

Product Quality Guidelines for AiaStore.shop

To ensure a consistent and high-quality experience for our users, creators are required to adhere to the following guidelines when uploading products to AiaStore:

1. Thumbnail Image Specifications:
- Product images must be in thumbnail format with a resolution of 1280 pixels wide and 720 pixels in height.

2. Title Length:
- Titles should be concise and limited to 50 characters in length or shorter whenever possible.

3. Comprehensive Description:
- The product description should provide comprehensive information related to the respective product, including features, functionality, and relevant details.

4. Gallery Images:
- Creators are encouraged to add multiple images in the gallery section to showcase different aspects of the product. This helps users get a better understanding of what they are purchasing.

5. Short Description Length:
- A brief, 10-word (or shorter) product description should be provided. This short description should be captivating and provide a quick overview of the product.

6. File Upload Format:
- Products should be uploaded in a zip file format. If a password is added to the zip file, the creator must share this password along with the product delivery.

7. Virtual and Downloadable Options:
- Creators should select the "Virtual" and "Downloadable" options when uploading products to facilitate seamless transactions for users.

8. Demo in Long Description:
- Demos, if available, should be uploaded inside the long description rather than the short description. This allows users to explore the product in more detail.

9. Correct Category Selection:
- Creators must choose the correct category for their products to ensure accurate classification and easy discovery by users.

10. No Promotion of External Websites:
- Product images should not contain promotions for external websites. Additionally, creators must refrain from violating intellectual property rights and should not include content that may infringe upon the rights of others.

By adhering to these guidelines, creators contribute to a positive user experience and maintain the overall quality of products on AiaStore. Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in product removal or account restrictions. Thank you for your commitment to delivering high-quality digital products on our platform.

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